Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes

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The two goals of this program are to teach students about diabetes and to raise money for type 1 diabetes research. The program gives students an opportunity to help fellow classmates affected by diabetes AND raise money for their school!

Why host a Kids Walk at YOUR School?

Benefits for your school:

  • Your school receives a check for 10% of the money raised
  • Students earn fun prizes for their fundraising efforts
  • Your school will receive a beautiful banner recognizing the school’s commitment to be “Kids helping kids” and noting the amount of money raised to help find a cure!

How does the program work?

Step 1: Contact JDRF Delaware to schedule your Kids Walk. Pick two days, two weeks apart. Your school can participate any time during the school year!

Step 2: On the first scheduled date, JDRF volunteers come to the school to teach students about diabetes, healthy eating and exercise through a BRAND NEW video featuring Nick Jonas. They explain JDRF’s Kids Walk program, and provide students with ideas on how to collect donations.

Step 3: Students have two weeks to collect donations.

Step 4: Two weeks after we have taught the classes, we hold a Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes on your campus. JDRF volunteers come back to your school on the walk day to help run it. We take care of collecting the money. The teacher never has to collect, count, or keep track of the money. We do all the work!

Step 5: Wrap up your campaign. Expect Kids Walk prizes, your school banner, and your 10% appreciation check to arrive six weeks after your donations and order forms are received by the office.

2011/2012 Lake Forest High School

2010/2011 Bradford Heights Elementary School


For more information about organizing a Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes at your school, contact Catherine Pardo at or (302) 888-1117.

Click here to visit the official JDRF Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes website.