Family Teams

Start Your Own Family TeamThe Plan: A letter-writing campaign. It’s one of the most effective AND one of the easiest ways to raise money for the Walk. The average letter-writing campaign raises $2,000! Get all of your team members involved. By simply drafting a “Dear Family and Friends” letter or email explaining why you and your family are participating in the JDRF Walk, you can reach your largest audience without even leaving the comfort of your home!Before you send your letter or email, you need to determine who to send it to. Remember— the larger your distribution list is from the start, the larger your results!

By sending your letters out early, you’ll give those who receive them time to tell their friends, family and co-workers about JDRF and the Walk To Cure Diabetes.

Make sure that all the checks are made payable to JDRF or JDRF.

On Walk Day, bring the money you have raised and collected with you. JDRF staff and volunteers will be on hand to gratefully accept your pledges.

After the Walk is over, be sure to acknowledge everyone who donated. Send a Thank-You note!