Corporate Teams

Start Your Own Corporate TeamThe Plan: Identify your Head Team Captain. This could be you! Once you do that, contact your local JDRF Chapter for help with your team plan and timeline.

Set a goal for Walkers. How many Walkers should you expect to get? The average is 20-50% of your employee base. Include family members, friends and neighbors, too. Then, set a goal for dollars. On average, each JDRF Walker raises $100.

Recruit one Team Captain for every 10 Walkers. Send a recruitment memo to department heads for their help. Invite employees interested in serving as Team Captains to attend a JDRF Kick-off Luncheon, where they can pick up Walk supplies and order additional supplies.

Promote the Walk event with a memo, then announce and host a Kick-Off for all employees. Be sure to emphasize the $100 per Walker goal in all your communications. Collect pre-registration forms from all Walkers and return them to your local JDRF office.

Teach Walkers how to raise $100 in 10 days, how to launch a letter-writing campaign, and how to encourage vendors to participate.

Walk! Then say “thank you” to everyone who contributed to your team’s success.