Government Relations

Please join us in welcoming our new Government Relations Chair, Karen Woicekowski!

My name is Karen Woicekowski and I have taken up the challenging but very important cause of government relations advocacy for the state of Delaware. What this means is I monitor federal funding and legislation that impacts T1D research. I do this by developing relationships withSenator Carper, Senator Coons and Representative Carney and their staff. Right now we areworking on renewing $150 million dollarsof funding for theSpecial Diabetes Program. This program is made up of two parts: one to advance T1D research, and the other to fund treatment and prevention programs for American Indian and Alaska Native populations, who are disproportionately affected by type 2 diabetes. We are also working very hard to ensure that the development of the artificial pancreas,the most revolutionary development in diabetes care since the discovery of insulin, is not delayed by unnecessary regulatory roadblocks.

How can you help me? Sign up to be an advocate and when I send out a request to contact Senator Carper, Senator Coons and/or Representative Carney with a phone call or an email…please do!!!! I will always provide you with all information you will need to make the callor send anemail. My ability to influence any of our Delaware Congressional representativesis absolutely dependent on the number of phone calls and emails I can get into their offices when an issue arises.

I do not personally deal with the challenges of having T1D. However the only time I did not have T1D in my life was the years between my father dying from the complications at the age of 42 and my son being diagnosed with it at the age of 3. My son, Mike is now 21, living in Washington, DC andis going to college. The Delaware Chapter asked me to share with you the letters I have sent out asking for donationsover thelast 18 years. My first letter was written right after Mike was diagnosed.It became the forum in which I told my friends and family the news. Each check that I recieved back that year was accompanied by a note and each note felt like a great big hug. Most years it takes me quite a while to write my request letter. This is because they always make me focus on all the bad things that could happen to Mike. Then one year my letter poured out of mein an hour – that was the year I wrote a letter directly to diabetes.After the Walk, I love to send out a letter that shares photos, talks about the Walk and thanks those who have donated. Whatever way you choose to raise money is great – just do it!

Hope to meet you at the Delaware Walk to Cure!

Karen Woicekowski