2013 Children’s Congress – Through Delegate Amelia Rehrman’s Eyes

amelia on hill

2013 Children’s Congress – Through My Eyes

By: Amelia Rehrman

There is no way to describe Children’s Congress 2013 (CC13). Some people might describe it as: Amazing, Exciting, or Inspiring. I agree, but it was also more then that. CC13 was an experience of a lifetime. It changed my life and I’m sure a lot of other delegates lives too. Now I feel more responsible for my diabetes. I already knew this, but there was a lesson at CC13: you can do anything, whether you have diabetes or not. There were a bunch of role models there, including:

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal was on American Idol. I got to sing with her!

aaron kowalski

Aaron Kowalski. Aaron is a researcher at JDRF and the head of the Artificial Pancreas Program.


Mary Mouser. Mary was in the Disney movie Frenemies and ABC’s Body of Proof.


Charlie Kimball

Charlie Kimball. Charlie is a race car driver.

Leslee Adkins

Leslee Adkins. Leslee is a writer and journalist. Do you see that pink thing on her shirt? That is only her cool insulin pump!

Gary Hall Jr.

Gary Hall Jr. Gary has won 10 olympic medals in swimming and is part of the Olympic hall of fame. Now that really proves that you can do anything with diabetes!


Nicole Johnson (Ms. America 1999), Sam Talbot (a chef) and Jean Smart (an actress) were also there but I did not get pictures with them.

Ray Allen and Brian Kenny were also there even though they don’t have diabetes. Both of them have a close family member with diabetes. Brian Kenny’s daughter, Camille, has diabetes, and Ray Allen’s son, Walker, (who was a CC13 Delegate!) has diabetes.

Brian Kenny

Brian Kenny. Brian is an MLB sportscaster.

The last day, Wednesday, the delegates went to Capitol Hill! We talked to our senators and representatives.


Here is a picture of me with my representative, Joe Pitts.


My mom and me on the first day – ready for Children’s Congress!




juice boxes

Doesn’t that look weird? All of the delegates from Pennsylvania had to throw away their juice boxes to go into the Capitol building!


While I was there I met a ton of nice delegates who all know and understand what I go through.

During the event it was nice to hear an insulin pump beep and check to see if it is yours. It was nice to see a test strip on the ground and think that might be mine…or it could be one of the other 160 delegates here! At my house or my grandparents house, I know it is mine.

CC13 was the first time that I felt comfortable that I could be anywhere and somebody would always know how to help me if my blood sugar were to get too high or too low. I felt more independent. I felt more free than I ever have before. Free to be me.

To learn more about me, my diabetes, and my experience at Children’s Congress, please visit my personal blogs: Peace. Love. Hope. Diabetes (peacelovehopediabetes.blogspot.com) and Walking To Washington (walkingtowashington.blogspot.com).